More air equals more power!
Attack Blue's LS2 filter media is designed to flow more air for
increased power you can feel in the seat of your pants at the hit of
the throttle!
The media is made from multi layers of tightly meshed / interwoven
cotton fabric. Using Cotton in this woven fashion makes for a
thinner yet stronger media. Being thinner allows more air flow
without sacrificing filtration. Meets & exceeds all ISO 5011 SAE
This media captures dirt particles as small as 5 microns (a human
hair is about 50 microns), letting your engine run cleaner.
Another plus to this all cotton media is that it holds the oil more
So strong & durable, it can be washed & reused over and over
again. No worries about wearing out the woven cotton media
It might very well be the last filter you buy for your car.

*Direct O.E Replacement
*Filtrates down to 5 microns (a human hair is 50) so your engine runs cleaner!
*More Air, More power , Quicker Throttle response!
Improves gas mileage!
*Low-restriction filter is washable and reusable for extended, reliable service!
*Reinforced base prevents warping and leaks!
*Sturdy stainless mesh designed for high CFM.
*Attack Blue Filters improves fuel economy saving you money at the pump!
*Fits perfect in your stock GM intake. Use your original filter retainer when installing!
*Made in the USA!

*2 are needed for your LS2
More Air Means More Power!
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