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Let Your Motor Breathe Deep!
Let Your Motor Breathe Deep!
2006-2013  C6, GrandSport, Z06 Performance Filter $129.95
* The only LS filter with a tapered back, for more power
* Outstanding filtration
* Washable & Reusable for Extended, Reliable Service
* Unique Design Creates HP, Torque & Quicker  Response
* Direct O.E Replacement Simply Drop It In
* NO Surging
* Reinforced Base Prevents Warping & Leaks
* Sturdy Stainless Mesh Design For High CFM
* No Tuning Required
* Does Not Void Your Warranty
The Attack Blue filter for the LS3 & LS7 is designed to allow your engine to breathe deep while
providing outstanding filtration. What separates this filter from all others, is its unique open mouth &
tapered back design. This allows more free flowing air to feed your engine. The end result is more
power, torque & quicker throttle response. No surging! No tuning needed.
When stock filters clog, it results in a loss of power.
Attack Blue's woven cotton media & deep pleats
create a larger filtration surface which allows a
greater volume of air to move freely to your engine
while maintaining Superior filtration! Traps particles
as small as 5 microns.
It's washable & reusable so it's like dropping in a new
filter every time you clean it.  
The Attack Blue LS3 & LS7 filter is built like a tank!
Reinforced design prevents  warping & leaking. It
might be the last air filter you purchase for your
Corvette.  This filter does not void your warranty.
Made in the USA!    
This filter comes pre-treated. Use Attack Blue
special formulated cleaning kit to keep it like new.
Late 2012 and all 2013 cars require a GM filter retainer. Stock retainer is glued to the stock filter.
When Magnuson Supercharger was looking for a filter for more power, they chose Attack Blue!
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