More Air Means More Power!
CONGRATULATIONS  to  SCCA T-1 Regional Series Champion Brian Bates!
"There is definitely an increase in horsepower.  I
have driven this track many times and the car is
noticeably faster.  Our best lap time was reduced by
about 1/2 a second which is a great improvement.

Brian Bates on Attack Blues LS3/LS7 High Flow Filter
"Excellent filter. Perfect fit. I just like that I can clean it so my engine is always getting as much air as possible."

Justin  L.  Houston TX

"No doubt, quicker throttle response. Right away I could tell the difference.  I'm breaking the tires loose much
A quality made Filter.

Jim B.  NJ

"Just installed the TKO Attack Blue filter on my 06' Z.......
Perfect fit . No CEL's or surging issues
I was getting 14.5 mpg, drove it for about 45 mins. Doing the same type of driving (back roads, traffic, some hwy.
Spirited throttle at times)
19.4 mpg!!!.......Couldn't believe it, plus it's only about 40* outside, good weather for HP but not MPG."

S.G. Wernersville, Pa.  

"The filter is flawless looks like a factory piece and fits better than the sock one.
I noticed its a lot smother on down shifts and feels very responsive. The most gains I feel are middle of second
and e of third. In those gears the car pulls harder and smoother than before."

Greg NJ

"Quality you can feel by holding it in your hand. Well made. A great investment for my Corvette! "
John J.  Orange

The unique design of the Attack Blue LS3/LS7/LS9 filter, allows a big serving of air to your engine.
This is what makes it a perfect washable/reusable "drop in" O.E Replacement filter.

HOWEVER,  if you're thinking of installing an Attack Blue filter & getting a dyno tune, you could receive
almost 16 HP to the rear wheels!
Just ask Dewey H from Tampa FL.  (Click here for the dyno results)